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fzf for the win

Last month, I heard about fzf for the first time.

Today, it has become one of my favorite tools and I can no longer imagine working on a computer without it installed.

Let me tell you what happened.

Interfaces and Annotations in Python3

TL;DR: Annotations in Python3 are very useful when declaring interfaces using abc metaclass.

If you want to stop reading here, I’m not going to stop you:)

If not, allow me to take you to on a small journey where I explain what all of this is about …

How I Lint My Python

This is a short post describing how I lint my Python code. You’ll see it’s a bit more than just installing some plug-ins in a IDE, instead it’s a little bit of scripting code.

CMake, Visual Studio, and the Command Line

For quite some time now I’ve been working inside teams who were using Visual Studio to build complex C++ projects.

Because I’ve often been the “buildfarm guy” and because I don’t like GUIs that much, I had to find ways to build Visual Studio projects from the command line.

This is the story of everything I’ve tried.

symlinks made easier

For years I’ve been struggling with the ln command.

I never could remember how to use it, mixing the order of the parameters, and the man page did not help.

$ man ln

      ln [OPTION]... [-T] TARGET LINK_NAME   (1st form)
      ln [OPTION]... TARGET                  (2nd form)
      ln [OPTION]... TARGET... DIRECTORY     (3rd form)
      ln [OPTION]... -t DIRECTORY TARGET...  (4th form)

So I thought, why not write a small wrapper around it?

Twitter and me, me and twitter

Some time ago, I pinned the following tweet on top of my timeline:

Announce: I’ve decided to no longer follow more than 20 people. Maybe one day I’ll explain why on my blog. (Not sure yet)

Well, it’s time to explain myself, and, as often on this blog, the post will start with a story.

Is TDD Worth It?

Well, here is a good question! Here’s what I have to say:

  1. I don’t know
  2. It depends

Those are, by the way, two very valid answers you can give to any question. It’s OK to not have a universal answer to everything ;)

Still, I guess you want me to elaborate a tad more, so here goes …