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Here are a few ways to contact me. Note that I follow the Croker’s Rules, so feel free to speak up!


Here’s my e-mail, encrypted with a very secure algorithm:


If you can’t decrypt this, feel free to leave a comment anywhere with your e-mail address and I’ll get back to you.

GPG key

Speak of encryption, you can find my publig GPG key at So far it has not been signed by anyone, so use at your own risk …


Comments on this blog are powered by isso. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Your comments are stored (hopefully safely) on my server. I make regular backups.
  • Sorry, you can’t see them if you choose to block JavaScript. (This has the nice effect of greatly reducing spam, without using CAPTCHAs)
  • When you leave a comment, you have the choice to fill the ‘e-mail’ field. I won’t share it with anyone, and I’ll use it to contact you directly if needed. But please note that you won’t get automatic notifications by mail.
  • After you submit your comment, you’ll have 15 minutes to edit or delete it (If you are wondering, this works with a secret token stored in a cookie).


I have a Mastodon account:


I also have a twitter account at @d_merej

You do not need to follow me to send me a private message.


You can also find me on freenode, and On both servers my nick is dmerejkowsky


Here’s my GitHub account.

Among other projects, you can find the sources of this blog.

I cross-post most of my blog posts to You can reach me there if you like.