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Introducing "Quantum of Ideas"

This year I’ve decided to try something a bit different on my blog.

“Quantum of Ideas” is the title for a new series of posts. You’ll find them in the list of posts tagged with ‘ideas’.

In each post, I will present an idea I had about a certain topic.

Most of the time, those ideas are still in a “draft” state: there are still practical issues to solve and they may not even be worthy to implement.

So why bother sharing those?

My hope is that they will provide a different point of view about certain problems and lead to interesting discussions.

So, feel free to share them, and if you’re bold enough to start working on them, please let me know.

Also, more that ever, do not hesitate sending me feedback. If you do like my ideas, a small positive comment will be appreciated, and if you don’t, you can yell at me for being a moron who has no clue about how the real world work.

Anyway, here are the articles published so far in this series: