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Introducing the "Let's Build Chuck Norris!" Project

The ChuckNorris library

The Chuck Norris library is written in C++ and contains a class able to give you random Chuck Norris facts when the getFact() method is called:

Here’s how to use it:

#include <ChuckNorris.hpp>

ChuckNorris chuckNorris;
std::string fact = chuckNorris.getFact();
You will find all the source code on GitHub.

Let’s build Chuck Norris!

“Let’s Build Chuck Norris!” is a series of blog posts aiming at exploring various topics about C++ and build systems, and providing an example of the Salami method described by Adi Shavit.

Here are all of them, in chronological order. Enjoy!

  1. Using CMake and Ninja
  2. Managing third-party dependencies with conan
  3. Exposing a C API on top of C++ code
  4. Using Python with ctypes
  5. Using cffi to build a Python extension
  6. Cross-compiling for Android
  7. Android and JNA
  8. Using C++ in an iOS application

Thanks for reading this far :)

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