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Introducing the "Let's Build Chuck Norris!" Project

The ChuckNorris library

The Chuck Norris library is written in C++ and contains a class able to give you random Chuck Norris facts when the getFact() method is called:

Here’s how to use it:

#include <ChuckNorris.hpp>

ChuckNorris chuckNorris;
std::string fact = chuckNorris.getFact();
You will find all the source code on GitHub.

Let’s build Chuck Norris!

“Let’s Build Chuck Norris!” is a series of blog posts aiming at exploring various topics about C++ and build systems.

Here are all of them, in chronological order. Enjoy!

  1. Using CMake and Ninja
  2. Managing third-party dependencies with conan
  3. Exposing a C API on top of C++ code
  4. Using Python with ctypes
  5. Using cffi to build a Python extension
  6. Cross-compiling for Android
  7. Android and JNA
  8. Using C++ in an iOS application

Thanks for reading this far :)

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