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Rewriting z from scratch

z is a tool that will remember all the directories you are visiting when using your terminal, and then make it possible to jump around those directories quickly.

Let’s try and rewrite this functionality from scratch, maybe we’ll learn a few things this way.

fzf for the win

Last month, I heard about fzf for the first time.

Today, it has become one of my favorite tools and I can no longer imagine working on a computer without it installed.

Let me tell you what happened.

How I Lint My Python

This is a short post describing how I lint my Python code. You’ll see it’s a bit more than just installing some plug-ins in a IDE, instead it’s a little bit of scripting code.

Never Type the Same Path Twice

This is a follow-up of my previous post on Vim and cwd, so I suggest you go read it first.

If you’ve read the previous post carefully, you may have noticed that the ultimate goal of all the shortcuts I’ve described (<leader>cd), (<leader>ew) or the way I care about the working directory of each vim tab, always boils done to one thing: do not type the same path twice

Here are a few more tricks I use on top of the other vim settings I’ve previously described.

Vim, cwd, and Neovim

This is quite a long post on the topic of working directory and (Neo)vim.

There will be a second part to this story, and maybe a TLDR; if you ask nicely :)

I Use Vim, And So Should You

Actually this is not a post to convince you to use Vim, it’s a post to make you think about your editor and how you use it.

Sorry about the deceptive title :)

There are still some good links at the end if you want to learn Vim or get better at it.